I got Pregnant...GASP!

Picture me as a 20 year-old girl, dating a guy I like a lot; possibly love, but probably not.  I am a full-time college student, majoring in Music Education and American Sign Language.  I work part-time at a large clothing store at the Mall of America (it's only the "place for fun in your life" when you don't work there).  I am active in college activities; such as volleyball, cheerleading (even though we had to make up our own squad), choir, orchestra, choir and {yes} another choir - you are in a lot of choirs when voice is your principal instrument.

One day, I get a horrible back ache.  I think nothing of it, maybe I strained something unloading a carton of jeans.  The next day, it doesn't feel any better.  In fact, it's worse.  I ask my mom for advice.  She says to take Advil and shake it off.  Later that day, I'm in cold sweats, so much pain I am shaking and a fever of 101 (which is really high, because my "normal" temperature is NOT 98.6, but 96.8).  My mom takes me to Urgent Care and I see a doctor.  They do a work up on me and I have my first lovely kidney infection.  So, they give me antibiotics to take, and say it will clear up by the end of the week and I should start to feel better in the next day or two.

So...to all of those out there who don't know:
If you're on an antibiotic, the pill doesn't work (for the most part).

So, I thought I was safe.  No one bothered to tell me that I wasn't.  That is, until AFTER I was knocked up. Come to find out later, I actually DO get pregnant on the pill WITHOUT the antibiotics, but that's a whole other story.

Fast forward three weeks and I am getting ready to go to Austria and Germany for January (J-term) classes.  I hadn't gotten my period and was pissed that I'd have to bring all the 'crap-ola' with me.  I already didn't have enough room for my clothing, now I needed to bring pads and whatnot along.  So, I did what any normal person would do and took a pregnancy test.  Jokes on me, because that d@mn thing was positive!

Now, jump to Christmas.  I decide it's a good time to tell my boyfriend (we'll call him 'Fred').  I was wrong, so I told him I was joking and just wanted to see his reaction.  'Fred' was mad and got over it.  After all, I was flying half way around the world in like two weeks.

New Year's Eve came and I didn't drink.  'Fred' looks at me funny, but goes on with his night.

I leave for Austria and Germany and learn about all of the music history and culture I can.  BEST TRIP EVER (well, it would have been, had I NOT needed to do the homework part, but I must have done alright, because I got 98% on the final exam and a B+ for the class).

When I got home, 'Fred' decided to dump me.  Nice, 'Fred', just the welcome home I wanted.  So, I told him I was pregnant again.  Of course, we got into a screaming match, because I had played that "joke" on him on Christmas.  At least he was smart enough to figure out I had told him the truth then, but lied because he looked like he was going to die.

Having dinner with my parents, I was eating and jumped up and ran to the bathroom.  I needed to throw up. I am NOT the throw uping kind of person.  My mom knew it.  She jokingly said, "what are you pregnant?"  I said, "yes" and waiting for the yelling.  At first, I got the wide-eyed-deer-in-headlights look, then it was on.  My dad was still in shock, but my mom spoke her mind for an hour or two...or three...or more...

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